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Three Reasons Your Website is Not Converting More Visitors into Customers

Three Reasons Your Website is Not Converting More Visitors into Customers

August 18, 2014

If you are like most website owners, you spend the majority of your time worried about how to get more visitors to your site. Armed with a truckload of content and a few sound SEO strategies, you watch your traffic metrics soar. But what do you do once all that traffic comes to the site?

Unfortunately, most website owners aren’t paying enough attention to conversion rate optimization (CRO). Whether it is because of lack of budget, lack of time, or lack of resources, CRO often comes as an afterthought. No matter how many visitors come to your site, traffic doesn’t mean much if you aren’t seeing conversions. Here are three of the biggest reasons you aren’t converting more of your visitors.

Confusing Navigation and Bloated Checkout Processes

One of the main reasons your visitors aren’t converting is because they are having a hard time getting where you need them to go. Many website owners will overload their website with content to the point where users have a difficult time sifting through everything that’s there. While content is important, providing the right paths for visitors is even more so. A website shouldn’t be a maze. The easier the contact and checkout processes are, the higher your conversion rate will be. If you can get a customer from a product to purchase in two steps, why use three or four?

Weak Calls to Action

Another area where many websites falter is their calls to action. A call to action needs to be obvious. Don’t trust that your visitors will know that you want them to contact you—or what “contact” even means. You need to make it clear. Calls to action need to stand out. If everything on your site is blue, don’t make your call to action blue. A good call to action is also written with active words. Buttons that say “contact” or “submit” don’t entice your visitors to behave accordingly.

Lack of A/B Testing

When was the last time you tested the usability of your site? If you aren’t running A/B tests, then you need to start now. Try different wording, different layouts, different landing pages, and different media. Collect enough data to see which performs the best. The more conversion-driven you are, the more successful your website will become.

Stop worrying about getting more traffic and start working on getting your current traffic to convert.

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