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Mobile Search is Converting: Here’s Why

Mobile Search is Converting: Here’s Why

Have you heard? Smartphone users are eager to purchase directly from their handheld devices. There are several service providers and local merchants that are falling short on valuable conversion and search insights because they are failing to keep track of how many inbound calls are produced. It is quite disappointing to find that there are so many missed opportunities for conversion when, in fact, adding a phone number to your paid search ads actually increases the number of clicks that you get.

Let’s Get Started

First things first: Businesses need to determine whether mobile search is converting for them in their favor. Marketers should be targeting the appropriate keywords to attract customer attention. There are two ways to achieve this: by using a tool such as Google AdWords. AdWords has geographic targeting capabilities. These capabilities help to control costs and also focus on close proximity sales.

If a business is focused on targeted keywords in a specific region, for example, vacation rentals in Arizona, then a brand would need to consider raising the bar on their mobile bid modifier. Raising the mobile bid modifier will help with increasing the likelihood that their ads will appear on smartphones. You have to keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for mobile ads. Smartphone ads don’t have nearly as much space as desktop results do, so businesses have to compete aggressively if they are to increase in-store visits and enhance mobile traffic.

Call to Action: Click to Call

A helpful way to remind Smartphone users that they are in fact using a phone, not a tiny tablet, is to use click-to-call links. A click-to-call link is an effective call-to-action that can connect users and prospects instantly. Advertisers need to take note that they should optimize click-to-call call-to-actions and make them highlighted and easily visible. These should also be placed in an area that encourages the users to leave the mobile search and make a direct call.

Conversion Boosters

Need higher conversion rates? Advertisers should explore what has the potential to increase conversions and traffic to help their businesses. They can use available data to answer any and all questions regarding landing pages, keywords, etc. Try using the A/B method for gathering your information.

You can find what works best for users by creating two landing pages and funnel percentages of users through each landing page. This will help you decide what style of landing page works best and is most effective for you and your users. Once you find exactly where the sales are coming from you can backtrack to see where users may be getting lost along the way.

According to Google

++55 percent of these conversions occur within an hour window from the initial search
++Q3 2014 saw a click-through rate increase on smartphones by 88 percent
++25 percent of overall search queries are mobile search based
++73 percent of mobile searches result in users visiting a store or calling a business
(Source: Google)

Call Analytics

Tracking inbound calls is highly important when you are trying to target smartphone users. Call analytics are similar to measuring online conversions. Call analytics help businesses find out what exactly is making users want to pick up the phone and make a direct call as well as finding out how they found the website initially. Call tracking platforms can define where your leads are coming from, whether it’s click-to-calls, banners, etc.. Knowing where they originate from can help you to know how to power up your optimization for your mobile marketing. You will know where to increase your spend on select advertising channels that you benefit from, and lower spend on the ones that aren’t doing much.

Smartphone users are constantly staring at the screen of their smartphone. This gives advertiser more than plenty of time and opportunity to increase their brand reach, conversions, and engagement. Desktops are quickly being replaced by handheld devices; it is time to hop on board with mobile marketing so you can gain the value it has to deliver.

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