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5 Reasons you Should Hire a PPC Agency

5 Reasons you Should Hire a PPC Agency

Google Adwords, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) in general, was a game changer for many businesses. Relatively obscure companies were able to instantly put their name in front of targeted users for an indefinite amount of time (if they had enough capital) and reap the rewards. Many companies choose to outsource their Google Adwords Management and internet marketing efforts when their PPC management becomes too cumbersome, but why hire a PPC agency instead of say, an in-house employee or simply opting to do it yourself?

1. PPC Is a Learning Process
PPC is a model that takes time, practice, and a technically-inclined mind to master. You will be adjusting bid types, adding geo targeted extensions, and manipulating keyword data. Depending on the needs of your campaign, these numbers and options can drastically change. Many business owners don’t have the patience, or frankly the time, to master the ins-and-outs of the Google Adwords platform. An agency which specializes in PPC management is knowledgeable about every box that needs to be checked and every bid amount that needs to be adjusted.

2. A/B Testing Is Necessary and Time-Consuming
In order to design the best ads and receive the most interaction, A/B testing or split testing is necessary for realizing the full potential of a PPC campaign. A/B testing requires several components: copywriting, keyword research, and analytics, to name a few. One poorly constructed ad can tank your conversions, or an ad might not resonate with your target market, so A/B testing provides several options to choose from. These ads are monitored, and the best performer is chosen. This practice ensure your ads are relevant and converting, and hiring a PPC agency can guarantee you are receiving the best conversions possible.

3. Keyword Planning Is Complex
Did you know there are several keywords that are essentially identical except for a few minor differences? “Mens Coat,” “Men Coats,” and “Coats for Men” are one such example. These keywords have, basically, the same keywords, they are only in a different order and include singular and plural variations. These might seem like minute differences to some, but in the PPC world, each keyword has weight, and PPC agencies are experts in every stage of keyword research: planning, execution, analysis and results tracking.

4. Poor PPC Costs a Lot Of Money
The lifeblood of PPC is your budget. Your budget determines how many clicks you receive and how many people see your ad, and the average Google AdWords user can waste upwards of 50% of their budget on ads. Several factor contribute to wasting money on PPC ads: poor keyword research, misunderstanding the data, and spending too much money on a particular keyword, to name a few. Often, these issues are overlooked by the inexperienced PPC user and their effects go unnoticed until it’s too late and their budget is extinguished. PPC agencies are trained to notice these discrepancies and address them immediately, so you maximize your return on investment.

5. A PPC Strategy Is Important
The average business owner who dabbles in PPC does not create a solid strategy in advance, rather their strategy is primarily reactionary. There are several reasons why this type of strategy doesn’t work. For one, responding in this way only acts as a band aid on the problems in your campaign. A good PPC strategy involves planning for trends, maximizing your revenue, and preventing fires before they start. Hiring a PPC agency ensures your campaign remains healthy throughout its life instead of intermittently when addressing one issue.

As you can see, PPC involves having a long-term strategy and an expert knowledge of Google Adwords. It’s true that the average business owner can make a few dollars with their PPC campaign on their own, but research indicates they are more likely to lose money over the long haul and waste valuable opportunities. The potential revenue that can be attained when a company’s Google AdWords campaign is managed by a team of experts working around the clock to perfect the campaign is enormous.

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