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Should you Invest in Email Marketing?

Should you Invest in Email Marketing?

Email has come a long way since the first marketing email was sent out and changed quite a bit since the first chain letter found its way into your inbox. In fact, email has changed so much that many marketers and developers are asking themselves if they should still invest in email marketing. Well, the answer is simple: Yes, email marketing can reach customers in a way no other marketing channel can, through their inbox–the majority of consumers still check their email at least once per day.

Spam marketing gave email marketing a bad rap, but email is one of the more personal and customizable marketing channels available to you. You can buy or create a template that looks any way you can think of, and that’s a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, especially when you are building a brand. Email is also easy to analyze and understand, and you can quickly gain insights into how your user base is responding to your emails by how many have opened or clicked your email.

Increase Your Email Marketing ROI

So, now you are convinced that email marketing is right for you, but how do you make the most out of your return on investment and improve your email campaigns?

In today’s world, it would be difficult to find a website that wasn’t responsive or “mobile-friendly,” and there’s a reason for that: more people are searching the web on mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones. So, make sure your email template it mobile-friendly and adapts to different size screen because people also use their phones to check their email throughout the day.

One more way to increase the ROI of your email campaigns is by testing and tweaking. What was the reason your promotion email had an open rate of 40%, but your weekly newsletter’s rate was much lower? By testing and tweaking your emails, you can improve their performance of your weekly newsletter–perhaps the time of day the promotion email was sent out receive more of a response from your subscribers, so the next email you send out, you can make those adjustments.

For marketers everywhere, email is a worthwhile investment, and with the right tools and data, your email campaigns can become your most rewarding marketing channel and an easy way to reach your customers.

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