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Creating a Converting Website Checkout to Boost Your Business and

Creating a Converting Website Checkout to Boost Your Business and

Most business owners are well aware that many customers come to their websites simply to browse. Those customers look around at what can be found, and sometimes stay and buy, while others leave with no intention to return. For those that stay and buy, the checkout process that you offer can make or break their choice to continue with the purchase. If your website’s checkout is not easy to use, you could end up with people who add things to their carts, only to abandon the cart and not come back for the items. Every eCommerce developer knows the challenge that can come with increasing conversion and decreasing cart abandonment. Here are some ways you can increase the conversion rates of your website’s checkout.

Increasing Checkout Conversion Can Be Easier with These Tips.

The first tip is to self-host your checkout. Aside from PayPal, most consumers do not like redirection to another website to pay for their items. It creates anxiety, as many do not like sharing their personal information with untrusted or unfamiliar websites. By hosting the checkout process yourself, you can keep the trust with you, and increase how many people buy from you.

Tip number two is to avoid adding hidden fees. People will often walk away from a cartful of items if you spring hidden fees on them at checkout. Make sure they know if you will be adding fees for shipping, tax, or handling. This should be easy to find so it does not come across as a surprise once they get that far.

Tip three is allowing your customers to checkout from your site as a guest. This can help inspire trust from the start if they do not need to share a bunch of personal information with you to be kept on file. This can help increase customer appreciation as well, making them feel more secure with checking out with your company.

The fourth tip is to make sure you are including all possible customers. There are going to be many customers who come to your site on smaller devices, like tablets and mobile phones. If you do not have your website or checkout ready for those visitors, then you are missing out on a good chunk of possible customers. Make sure your website is responsive to those customers so you can help keep their business.

Finally, you want to make sure it is easy to see what types of security your website has. Get covered under an SSL certificate, and put up seals that show you have security on your side. You can get a seal from the BBB, and places like TRUST2 as well. This helps customers feel at ease, helping to boost your conversion rates.

If Your Conversions Are Still Low, Consider Simplifying the Process

When you have tried the above tips, but are still struggling with conversions, you may want to look at your process. If you have numerous pages a customer has to go through, see if any can be removed. Make the checkout process as easy as possible. Focus on the customer experience, and make everything as simple as you possibly can. This can help to increase your conversions, and help boost your business overall.

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