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Scary SEO Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make!

Scary SEO Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make!

When it comes to content on your site, SEO can either make or break it. You want to make sure that your SEO keywords and organic search marketing strategies are on point and avoid these common mistakes that, so many others are making. By avoiding these mistakes below, you can avoid dropping in rankings or being penalized for your content.

Being Afraid to Fail

Time and time again throughout history you’ve seen this happen. There are two companies offering the same exact product or service. While one is prospering and growing by leaps and bounds, the other is closing their doors for good. Why the difference? What made it so that one was excelling while the other died out? Their marketing strategies!

In most cases, you’ll find that the marketing the companies use can make or break them. In the case of the two businesses mentioned above, most times it is their choice in their marketing plan that caused their demise or their growth. By being afraid to stretch the boundaries and try things outside of the box, you can limit the growth in your own business. Don’t be afraid to try new things or marketing strategies that no one has before. You never know what new strategy can lead to your big success.

Avoid Adding Reckless Content

Perhaps you find yourself blogging on your day after day and, yet no one is engaged or reading your content. Why is that? Is your content boring or are you missing the mark entirely? You’ll probably find that the biggest mistake you are making is in not advertising and promoting the content you are creating. Often times it is not the content itself but the lack of sharing it that is causing the reduction in engagement.

Before you sit down to construct a post or content, ask yourself a few questions. Consider the following:

  • Who are you writing to? Who can benefit the most or who needs to see this content?
  • Can you bring any uniqueness to the topic at hand? What do you have to offer that others haven’t offered yet?
  • Where can you advertise this information that will get the most exposure and draw in the biggest crowd?

Where is Your Effort Going?

Another big mistake made in SEO is that business owners fall into the trap believing they must advertise and share on all social media platforms all the time. While you do need to be on social channels, being on them all can be quite daunting and overwhelming. It can also lead to your content not being as sound and well-handled as it needs to be.

Try focusing on a few channels and track the results you are getting from those channels. If you find that some are performing better than others, then that is where your efforts should be focused. You need to find ones that are drawing in the most value for your time spent sharing.

Do Not Be Afraid to Share

With all the legal writing coming from Google, many people have become afraid to build links into their content for fear of penalties. You cannot fear Google or the penalties as this will really restrain your organic reach. Yes, you need to follow the rules of SEO, but you cannot be afraid to build your links into content. You want to push your ability as far as you can go to see how the power of SEO can truly help grow your company and reach.

Don’t Forget to Adapt

Do not be afraid to adapt your strategy as you put marketing and SEO ideas in place. Just as you adapted from offline to online marketing, you must be able to adapt as the online marketing and SEO strategies change. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, take a risk, and see where the marketing world can take you.

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