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AAC Language Lab

iPad application


The task of was to create iPad application intended to help develop and improve language skills of children. The usage of animations in the application allows children to find the matches between actions and words and vice versa.

  • Concepts & Planning:

    Concepts & Planning:

    Due to the fact that the targeted audience of the application is children, special attention was concentrated on the development of graphical interface. One of the most important design requirements was to perform all elements in the same style to provide convenience for users and prevent them from getting confused.

  • Application Structure:

    Application Structure:

    Application contains 2 stages of education:

    • Learning words
    • Learning names

    The first section of the application contains 14 words. To improve learning process words are sorted by groups. Each word has 6 animations corresponding to it. So, a user receives more detailed explanation of word meaning.

    • Learning
    • Practice
    • Review

    In the section intended for learning names parents can upload photos of family members. Interacting with photos of relatives a child remembers spelling of names and learns how to match names with photos.