Case Studies

Momentum IQ

iOS and Android Mobile Applications


Momentum IQ is a complex ecosystem which helps connect vehicle owners with auto service providers and vice versa. The main element of the system is the Momentum IQ application, an Android and iOS application developed especially for vehicle owners.

  • Concepts and Planning:

    Concepts and Planning:

    Taking into account that the Momentum IQ system is the base for all related services, Net-Craft developed a very flexible yet stable database and system architecture, which would allow users using different services to communicate with each other.

  • Application Structure:

    Application Structure:

    The application gives the ability for its users to keep all information related to their vehicles in one place:

    • Fuel tracking
    • Information regarding tire pressure, oil type, etc.
    • Service history
    • Related service providers
    • Wish list

    Users can:

    • Transfer vehicles to other users
    • Set appointments with their auto service providers

    The application includes many natively developed animations to add to the look and feel of the user interface.