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Net-Craft was tasked with developing a website that would provide the customers of with a easy-to-use golf travel vacation website. Travel; including components such as flights, lodging, car rentals, hotels, and golf can all be researched and booked quickly and easily online.

  • Concepts & Planning:

    Concepts & Planning:

    Net-Craft specialists performed a detailed review of customer needs in terms of graphic, usability, possibilities to work with website content independently – including the placement of destinations, courses, lodging, cars. During the graphical stage our artist worked with the client concerning brand identity and logo development.

    The website preparation process included a detailed discussion of site specifications and the creation of an SRS (Site Requirements Specification) document before programming began. The resulting SRS document detailed all of the logical business processes of the website.

    Net-Craft then began to develop unique graphical website conceptions for client review. After client feedback and a few rounds of revisions a main graphical website theme was selected by the client.

  • User Interface Features:

    User Interface Features:

    The website includes a number of easy-to-use and convenient functions including:

    • The option to select a scale among three sizes that allows users to choose a comfortable resolution in which to view the website
    • Dynamic Ajax-style graphical photo galleries are used in various website sectors, which are opened above website pages without the need to download separate pages saving time
    • A simple and clear interface to order an online quote (free online quote generation process) where a user specifies all the necessary travelling parameters within a few steps
    • The Google Maps API has been integrated into the site – from different locations within the website a user receives visual information about the location he is searching for
    • The option to compare several data records from golf courses and lodging simultaneously has been developed with the purpose of helping site users to contrast the different characteristics of a course or hotel
    • A contest section has been developed to encourage user participation, lead generation and list building
    • Cross links are widely used to simplify the accessibility of interconnected information
    • And much, much, more