Case Studies

The JavaBerry Coffee Company

E-Commerce Store
Online Retailer


A robust and custom developed secure E-Commerce store which includes a robust and feature rich Content Management System (CMS) to manage the hundreds of products and accessories carried. A custom graphic design that is easy to use and quick to load enables potential customers to quickly locate and purchase what they are looking for.

  • Concepts & Planning:

    Concepts & Planning:

    While an online coffee store may seem like a simple undertaking, the JavaBerry project has many customized elements unique to the website. With this in mind Net-Craft spent a significant amount of time discussing the desired features with the client. Once the features were defined in detail a site map was created that illustrated the flow and interaction the of the website components.

    While the features were being defined, our designers were working with the client to develop the graphical look and feel that would be the front-end of the website. Mock-up images and sketches were presented to the client for feedback until they were happy and approved a final motif for the website.

  • User Interface Features:

    User Interface Features:

    The JavaBerry website includes many features for the website user to make their shopping experience easy and convenient. These features include:

    • a secure, multi-item shopping cart with real-time credit card processing
    • the ability to create an account to store user details such as billing, shipping, username, and password information
    • the ability to enroll in Club JavaBerry, a recurring coffee shipment plan
    • accrue “BerryBucks” virtual dollars earned for every store purchase that can be used toward the purchase of future items
    • Sign-up for the JavaBerry newsletter