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Life By Seacret

The Seacret Spa company researches and creates a line of spa products that include healing minerals from the Dead Sea. Seacret also creates a line of nutritional based products that help their customers live a healthy lifestyle. Net-Craft.com created an Android and iPhone App that allows their customers to track their health including daily steps and sleep duration. The hybrid app was created with the PhoneGap platform which allowed for Android and Apple versions to be created at a lower cost and quicker speed.

The app interfaces with the users phone gyroscope as well as Google Fit and Apple Healthkit data. The Seacret admin can send helpful resources like PDF’s and videos directly to the users apps and notify them via in-app messaging and push notifications. Badges and a leaderboard allow users to compete with each other in the app as well as exchange messages. Since this is very much a social community app as well, users can login with their Facebook or Google account data.

The project also includes a fully featured CMS that allows the administrator to review user data, send push notifications and manage all aspects of the app.

Life By Seacret
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