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Alternative Tools to Analyze Your Mobile Visitors Behavior

Alternative Tools to Analyze Your Mobile Visitors Behavior

Most of us are familiar with Google Analytics, an indispensable tool for marketers everywhere to learn more about the people who are visiting their site. Google Analytics is an excellent tool, and, in recent year, they have added a lot of options for analyzing your mobile user’s behavior, including their journey through multiple channels. But, what if you want a different perspective, alternative data, or you simply don’t like Google Analytics. If you are looking for a Google Analytics alternative, the following tools provide excellent mobile user data, and each has their own unique use case.

1. Apple App Analytics
If you have an app on iOS, Apple App Analytics, released this past year, is a great way to examine user visits to your app. Though it’s not as powerful as some other analytics software, you can see how many users view your app and other useful information like in-app purchases and how many installations your app had.

2. Flurry
Custom dashboards, usage analytics, and funnels make Flurry, part of the Yahoo Developer Suite, a powerful tool for learning more about your mobile users. The analytics are free, and you can manage multiple apps at once from the Flurry dashboard.

3. Mixpanel
Engagement is an important metric for determining how well your app is working, and Mixpanel helps answer questions about which aspects of your app users are actively engaging with and which ones they aren’t responding to. Mixpanel provides A/B testing, Retention analytics, notifications, and much more.

4. Amazon Mobile Analytics
If you are an AWS subscriber, Amazon Mobile Analytics parses all of the relevant data from your app and displays that data in usage summaries that are lightning fast. That data can then be setup to export automatically for manipulation on Amazon Redshift. It’s a powerful tool with several pricing tiers, including a free tier, based on your needs.

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